Backwash – How does clampy nervous back pain cause?

What is a pinched nerve and how does it cause back pain? We have all heard the term either from a doctor or a friend. If you feel like me, you have pain again, you might be a victim wearing a nerve. All you know is hurt! All you care for is finding a way to lose pain. Hopefully this article will help.

Cutting or compressed nerves is what happens when the nerves are irritated by injury to the surrounding tissues. In the case of spinal surgery, the problem is usually from a plate that swells out of the vertebrae and is pushing the root of the vertebral column. The medical certificate for this condition is "radiculopathy". Pressure on this nervous root can cause pain in the nerves. In my case, the herniated disc in my lower back pushes against my ditch which leads to pain shooting all the way to my right foot. In addition to pain you can also feel tingling, numbness and cold.

Is a cure for itchy nerves? The good news is yes! In most cases Tylenol or other medicines are used for medication, rest and packing will treat pain. In more severe cases, spinal injection and even surgery may be necessary. However, more and more doctors recommend physical treatment and / or some exercise plan instead of surgery.

But how does it prevent itchy nerves? How do you lose pain and keep your life? Well, the answer is to find a system that strengthens back and abdominal muscle correcting muscle balance. One of the best programs is The Lose The Back Pain System developed by The Healthy Back Institute. This program has helped thousands lose their backbone for good. The Lose The Back Pain System custom design programs of special moves and exercises tailor your exact needs.

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Back pain – Discover the wrong way to lift heavy objects

When it comes to back pain and injury to lift heavy objects, the wrong way is common cause. When using the wrong methods of lifting some items, put the lower back under pressure. Even if things are very easy to lift them for a long time, it can reduce and damage your back.

To reduce the risk of stress, you need to learn the right technology to pick up and lift items either light or heavy. The first place to start is to monitor how you lift things now. Like many, you probably take up an object by overtaking it and turning slowly without thinking about it. In some cases, people do not bend either but because of the strength of the spine they can prevent it. However, the time comes when you lift an object without thinking and taste, there is a sharp pronounced pain in your back.

The following are the wrong ways to lift things:

1. When you stand your feet too close together, you make the body unstable. It also causes you to ride your back and shoulders. Having your feet too close together also gives you less power in your feet that puts extra strain on your back.

2. A common method that people use to lift things is to bend from the waist while their feet are straight and the knees are locked. Thus, all the weight of the item depends on the back and draws it down. This also puts a lot of pressure on your pelvis.

3. When you lift things that are too heavy you are at greater risk of harming yourself. If you are training to lift something, put it down immediately.

4. Another bad technique is lifting things farther from the body. This makes it more heavier than it really is and it also puts more strain on the spine and back muscles.

5. Lifting constantly without taking enough rest breaks is another way you can harm your back. If you are constantly lifting with poor technology, the likelihood of injury increases.

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Back pain is more common among high people

Back pain is a common phenomenon in the public, but it is more common for high people. A study of 17-year-old Israeli leaders from 1998 to 2009, published in Health & Science Today, revealed that men over 6 feet tall were 44% more likely to experience lower back pain, while women over 5 feet 7 inches were 22% more likely to experiencing pain but shorter women.

There are some things you can not change and your height is one of them. Being a feast does not mean you are sentenced to back pain. We must first identify the analgesic and then continue to find possible solutions.

Body Strength

How the mode can cause back pain is twofold. The first nerve of heels related back pain involves bodybuilding itself. Big men are particularly vulnerable to disc decay, and there are a few reasons for this.

Greater likelihood of higher spine than ordinary individuals. A study by Natarajan et al., Published in the September 1999 edition of Spine, confirms that high levels of height are associated with higher rate of failure. When an average and extra height plate is loaded, it finds extra stress. If high disk bubbles, its bulge will be larger than the disk average height; This leads to an increased risk of neuropathy in the form of stroke.

Another possible cause of back pain in high people is the distance between the arm and the lower back. The arm acts like a lever on the body. The closer the lamb (shoulder / armpit) is to your center of gravity, the lower the load on the vertebrae when lifting the medicine. In high people, which have a greater distance between the hinge and the center of gravity, more stress is applied to the spine, especially on the lower back.

If you are high, it is important to strengthen your vertebrae with strong muscles. Strong core will help to take pressure from your drives. It would be wise to invest in the lumbar part to give increased support to your backbone while sitting. It is also important to avoid lifting very heavy objects and practicing proper body physics when lifting (for example, straight forward).

Postural dysfunction and strains

When you are a tall man in a small world, you find yourself turning and closer. From doors to chairs, most items are not designed for you. Ergonomics and proper biotechnology are the key to prevent recurrent stress relief.

For a tall man, an ergonomic chair is necessary, not luxurious. The chair in the seat and armrest in an ergonomic chair is adjustable. Some have a built-in lumbar skin; make sure this is adjustable too. Whatever your job, the workstation should be tailored to your height. You may need a higher desktop or work area to prevent continuous bending.

To minimize the harmful effects of steady turns and reach, you must train your body to move with maximum efficiency and without interruption. When turning to reach parts, bend your hips rather than the lower back. This keeps the natural lumbar spine and puts pressure on the colon. When ducking under the low door bend your knee or hip and hold your back and neck straight instead of tilting the neck aside. These and other simple movements could prevent height-related muscular pressure, joint disturbance and diarrhea.

If you need more bodybuilding methodology, consider studying Alexander Technology. In this program, emphasis is placed on an effective exercise that places bodybuilding under the least amount of stress. Alexander Technique can be at home or with a trained teacher. See for more information.

While you can not change your height, you have the power to limit its impact on the health of your back. The way you move and the space you work in can be changed to prevent or resolve pain.

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Aerobics Exercises – Working the Lower Body for Ultimate Workout

His aerobic exercise is extremely important if you want to achieve the skill level you want. Aerobics also helps maintain your body weight at the best level and shed those unwanted pounds.

Training exercises are fast, high rhythm and moderate to high level of physical education. The word aerial simply means "by air". The body requires a high amount of oxygen during exercise. Heart rate increases, blood circulation increases your breath deepens and lungs transmit acidic blood in the body. This is incredibly useful for all the cells in the body, as they wish for oxygen rich rich blood. This blood helps the demands and removes toxins from the body, yields nutrients and oxygen to cells that need to be repaired and for the body to produce new cells. The lungs will be stronger and more efficient in exercises with powerful exercises and your heart pads will strengthen as it pumps faster on sustained activity.

Movement movement has been shown to reduce the risk of coronary artery disease and reduce cholesterol and increase production of good cholesterol throughout the body. But what about the unwanted fat in areas you'd rather go on?

A terrific thing about aerobics is that you can work, or primarily focus on specific body parts, lightweight to shape the body you want.

Working with a lower body is a great way to burn fat and increase your fatigue and increase your metabolic rate. Remember that the largest groups of muscles in the body are flown in the thighs, buttocks, from strings and calf tissues. These muscle groups need a lot of energy, so we can use this to make use of them by working them in exercises. This will force your body to change fat reserves into energy for fuel, this workout will be.

Some of the best workout routines to include a lower body would be a training session. Step training involves using a small platform or step during a continuous 30-minute exercise. This is like a stair championship, using the steering wheel to step up and down. Rolling legs would work though thigh muscles and hamsters, gluts or cups in the lower back muscles. As these muscles become stronger, they will use the stored and surrounding energy stored for energy. And this is what we want since our body begins to sculpt itself from within.

Squats and high soccer balls are also great exercises to work these leg muscles. The best part of these exercises is that they are available online to buy, so you can get the high level of workout you need in your own home comforts. You must have the remote control so you can pause while you need, so you can move at your own pace. Many workouts for the lower body also include the lower back and abdomen. In order to get a great mixed part, you must fix your abdomen in your workout. I know most people do not like to connect, but they are very important to your overall position and core strength.

So use the lower body in the workout and get the results you always wanted.

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Chiropractic for back pain

Introduction to Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a constantly growing practice of seamless procedures used to reduce pain and headache. It is a healthcare approach that emphasizes the relationship between the body's structure, especially the spine and body body. Experts can use various methods, but primarily perform the spelling changes with the aim of correcting correction problems and encouraging the body to heal themselves. Spinal malalignments can interfere with the energy flow needed to support your health.

The term chiropractic itself comes from Greek words and hand and behavior (action) to describe the treatment or treated treatment. Today, chiropractic in the United States is considered free and alternative medicine (CAM). Some chiropractic methods can even be run back to the old days. The chiropractic is based on three key concepts:

  • The body has the ability to heal itself
  • Body structure, especially spine and body activity, are closely linked and this relationship affects the overall health
  • Treatment aims to correct this relationship between the structure and activity that allows the body to do what it does naturally, heal himself

According to a 2007 survey, about 8% 3 percent of adolescents or children had been treated with cancer at the last 12 months. These numbers are probably higher today.

Why Chiropractic?

Many seek healthcare instead of surgery or simply because they have pain that can be bought on with stress or physical injury. This can be chronic lung disease, throat pain, headache or other painful health problems like thrombocytopenia. Although chiropractic is not treated for any disease or condition, if it is a misconception, chiropractic can help the body to heal. Because chiropractic treatment is natural, non-surgical and untreated treatment, it is wise to consider chiropractic effects on any of these pain-related problems, and certainly before the operation takes place in such a problem.

If surgery is clinically noticeable, chiropractic is also used frequently after surgery to assist the body in natural medical treatment.

Common Misunderstanding at the Chiropractic Site

Although kiropractic was around the late 19th century, there are still different misunderstandings about the treatment of chiroprotein. Even though over 60,000 chiropractors practice in the US today, and universities across the country offer mechanical engineering, we still see some common misconceptions when the term chiropractic is mentioned. If we can clarify or understand any of these misconceptions, it can help individuals feel better about the care of Chinese medicine. Here are some of these misconceptions and explanations of facts.

  • Chiropractors can only handle a problem in the background : Although chiroproteins are known for the treatment of vertebral and back pain, self-learning is more than a holistic approach aimed at correcting spinal problems which in turn helps all the body work with the best functionality. Chiropractic helps not only to relieve pain, it can also help cure the child's ear infection, headache of a person, lower blood pressure, help with arthritis pain and many other ailments.
  • Chiropractors can prescribe medication and perform surgery: While some chiropractors may provide heat / cold treatment, provide additional types of physical treatment and even treatment treatment, they do not prescribe drugs or do they perform an operation. Chiropractic itself is based on the idea that the body can cure and the chiropractor helps the body realize its innate ability to do it.
  • Chiropractors Are Not Real Doctors: Chiropractors are definitely certified doctors who are in school in a particular field of medicine called chiropractic. They must pass tests in national examinations and licensing tests like all certified doctors before they can practice.
  • When you go to a chiropractor, you need to go for the rest of your life: Many men confuse maintenance time with endless visits to the cherry practice. However, as a regular exercise and good nutrition, many chiropractic patients regularly check for misunderstandings on a regular basis as a healthy lifestyle and to maintain the health and performance of the body. A treatment plan will be discussed with the patient and it is always the patient's choice whether they benefit from repeated visits.
  • I have had surgery on my backbone, so I'm afraid of using chiropractic: Many patients with chiropractic disease have been transplanted or in wheelchairs or even with steel bars in the back. They still enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care. Each patient is different as their condition and treatment plans are based on the needs of the individual.
  • Someone said I had a pinched nerve: Actually, a pinched nerve is actually a bone nerve and it is a rare event, which affects only 15% of the population. Most likely you have an irritated nerve or temporary damage. Chiropractic can help this situation.

Chiropractic for Children

You can not realize how important it is for children to look at the subluxation or misalignment of the vertebra. Subluxations occur in children and often have little or no symptoms at this early stage. The birth process alone is a very bad experience for the child's body and can certainly cause enough pressure to prevent underflow. I'm sure you've heard about delivery that leads to broken collars and breech births, etc.

Subluxations can also occur when the child learns to walk and when they are older and play sports and games. What's important to keep in mind is that the kids get certain windows of development that are often only open for a short time. This is based on the nervous system, which is the first system that develops in the child's development. If the nervous system is affected by subluxation, the potential of the child is limited. Hospital nurses have demanded that their children be prominent, do not get sick as often and have more strength than those who do not benefit from chiropractic treatment.

Some famous people benefiting from chiropractic benefits

Famous athletes and cinemas enjoy stability in the overall economical benefits of chiropractic treatment. Here are just a few.

  • Mark Victor Hansen
  • Tony Robbins
  • Tiger Woods
  • Then O & # 39; Brien
  • Lance Armstrong
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Sylvester Stallone
  • Jon Bon Jovi
  • So do not give up on natural possibilities to help the body to heal itself. Check into cherry practice. You never know until you try.

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    Do not let back pain pull you down – Use Castor Oil to help your nervous system

    There is a lot of medical purposes for crude oil. It is used for treatment, hair growth, tumor formation, skin diseases and many other health conditions. But you should know that one of their most important medical devices is in the treatment of vasculitis, an unpleasant condition that occurs in your duodenum, extending from the lower back to the lower limb.

    Anemia is characterized by radiation, numbness and throbbing in the lower back, back and lower extremities. It also makes you difficult when you sit down or fall asleep.

    Nervous system pain is generally caused by any of the following:

    • Have a poor posture
    • Heavy weight lifting
    • Manicure pressure

    The oil serves as a natural relief to reduce inflammation of vasculitis. Its main fatty acid content, ricinolic acid, on anti-inflammatory benefits.

    How Silica Is Used For Isothelioma

    Experts on Other Health Claims for Oil Application Help First and foremost eliminate pain in your nervous system.

    There are two simple ways to use the oil on your blood:

    • First, use oil (light) directly to the affected area. Mass the oil directly on the back and the lower extremity for a few minutes each day will eliminate the soreness.
    • The second method is through the hot wheels oil pack. The method involves compressing, which is done by applying a small amount of colostrum to a small piece of cotton cloth. When the compression is ready, carefully put it over the lower back for 20 minutes. It is important to do this method several times in the next few hours to produce visible results.

    Regular application of the oil to your intestines will ensure effective relief.

    If you are looking for an inconvenient and less expensive way of treating pain and sore throats, consider taking the oil now as part of your treatment or health plan. With the efficiency and relatively easy application of the oil, is not it the best time to use castor oil?

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    10 most common causes of lower back pain

    "What is the cause of the birth year?" must be the most common question I have heard as a doctor in the past 20+ years. Simple enough question, problem is there is no easy answer.

    The cause of lower back pain, or LBP to one condition, can not be defined. There are many causes of back pain. Some are simple and self-limiting stresses, while others are serious situations like a disk that causes nerve damage that requires immediate, specialized treatment. Here is a brief overview of 10 most common causes of lower back and leg pain.

    1. Subluxation

    Vertebral changes, or subluxations, occur when the lower back has undergone prolonged stool pressure or strain leading to vertebral joints. After failure, the muscles around tighten and the nerves may irritate. Subluxations are a key failure that heals of chiropractic treat. They can cause pain or be asymptomatic for a long time until they get worse in degenerative disorders. Various physical research, x-ray and computer-based diagnostics are often used to find subluxations.

    2. Spine / Sprain

    Spine and sprains on the lower back are caused by excessive muscle stress or sprain with either physical or imbalance. Smooth institutions will usually cause pain and / or stiffness within the back of the muscle. The contract of the muscle concerned worsens strains.

    Mild strains can settle within a few days of rest. More serious strains / sprains as a result of difficult activities, such as sports, work, horticulture, car accidents and the like, involve widespread damage. When ligaments have been sprained, they usually become very painful in the movement of the affected area. Healing times can be much longer in these cases, as many months as possible. Soft strains can be easily treated at home while severe strains and sprains should be evaluated by a legitimate physician specializing in the vertebral column. If a sufficient infection builds up, the nerves on the lower back may affect myopathy or leg disease, which can cause injury. Body testing will usually be sufficient to accurately analyze. X-ray radiation should be performed in case of physical injury.

    3. Facet Syndrome

    The small joints in the back of the vertebra that allow movement are called facet joints. Due to the prolonged poor posture, last injury or over effort, the joint may develop arthritis. This infection in the joint causes deep pain in the lower back that is increased by sitting, covering the back and the effort. The diagnosis is made by body examination and confirmed by an X-ray.

    4. Degenerative Disc Disease

    This is a very common cause of back pain. With repeated twists, turns, lifts and last trauma such as damage to the truck or accident, the discs or the pad between the spine of the bones begin to lose water and worsen. As the disc gets worse, it reduces stress within the joints of the back and sometimes around the nerves that cause back pain and leg. X-ray and meningitis is diagnosed if the pain persists for 30 days.

    5. Osteoarthritis

    Arthritis is inflammation of joints. There are many types of arthritis that affect the spine. The most common is osteoarthritis or OA. OA implies a failure of the surface of the joint, causing the team to lose normal motion. As the cartilage is thinner, bone clusters grow around the area to prevent the team from closing. OA is known as osteoarthritis because it is due to prolonged local stress, previous injury and repeated use. Sometimes the genetic development of the cartilage causes it to be too early. OA is diagnosed with the body test and confirmed by an X-Ray.

    6. Herniated / bulging disc

    The pads between the spinal cord can become weaker due to bodily injury or due to depletion of a disease disorder. The wavy outer layers allow the disc to bulge out sometimes at the touch of the surrounding spinal cord which causes pain in the legs or vasodilation. If the outer layer suffers from damage, the inner gelatinous material of the disc, called the kernel, can expel and irritate the nerves. Prophylaxis analysis can turn off physical examination, but detailed analysis for this cause of the lower back is only available with MRI or CT scanning.

    7. Blood Drought

    Pain that travels down the back, back to the thigh, the lower leg and the leg is called a vascular film. It is referred to as a large implant that comes from branches in the lower back to provide lower extremities. Blood disease is written off how far down the leg the pain goes. Blood disease can be caused by many diseases such as subluxation, tight muscles, strains, disc disease, inflammation or heartbeat, stroke or tumor. A detailed analysis is performed from body examination and MRI or CT scan of the lumbar spine.

    8. Stenosis

    The main opening, which expands the length of the lining of the spinal cord is called a central or spinal cord. Usually there is enough space for spinal and other structures to fit into this opening. Arthritis in spinal cord can cause the joints to expand and push in to reduce the size of the cut. Similarly, swelling discs can also scare the space that causes erections or tribulations. Pressure on the cord and the nerves causes back pain and / or pain in the legs, often worsened by standing and walking and relieving by sitting. This is a common cause of back pain in the elderly.

    9. Cauda Equina Syndrome

    Pressure on the lower nerves of the lower part of the tray and tray leads to intestinal and / or bladder obstruction. Symptoms can also cause damage around the anus. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is imperative that you have an exam and MRI right away at a hospital. These symptoms are beyond the scope of chiropractic, family doctors or orthopedic. Neurological evaluation is recommended. This condition can be caused by severe disc herniation, stenosis or tumors.

    10. Tumors

    Both benign and malignant tumors are found in the spine and can cause lower back and leg pain. They may present themselves as a pain in the back or may cause pain to scratch the foot (sciatica) due to the presence of the nerve. Most tumors can be seen on x-ray and other images such as MRI and CT scanning. Initial diagnosis can be caused by back pain, which can not be reproduced in a medical examination by your doctor. Mechanical pain due to strain, disk and so on may be caused mechanically or caused. Back pain from organic diseases, such as tumors often, can not cause or worsen by mechanical methods. A history of unexpected weight loss, fatigue, anemia or pain that awakes you in the evening in conjunction with a normal psychological test is very suspicious.

    As you can see, there are many reasons for lower back pain, ranging from simple, intrinsic to very serious and deadly diseases. Once the proper diagnosis has been made, appropriate treatment of back pain can be done.

    For more information about the lower baking mode, visit Dr Marks online.

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    Why pain in the lower back, hips and stitches?

    A lot of back pain that people feel today is attributed to a sedentary lifestyle. While sitting in a chair for a long time is normal today, it is unnatural for the body to assume. The result is often lower lower back muscles and hamstrings, weakens gluteus muscles in the butt and pain through these areas.

    If you have pain in the lower back, hip and back, you may feel piriformis muscle syndrome. This muscle extends horizontally from the brain to the thigh deep within the asses. The piriformis participates in almost all movements of the hip and legs; if something is ugly with one of the muscles it should be included, then piriformis will suffer. The depletion of piriformis can lead to surgery or a decline in the intestinal tract.

    Weak gluteus muscles, tight hamsters and tight back pain can all help to form piriformis syndrome. One thing is compensation. Gluteus muscles are largely responsible for hip rotation. When they are too weak to do this job, piriformis needs to improve it. Gluteus muscles are used with prolonged sedation. Overuse of piriformis caused by benefits will result in tightness and shortening of the muscles. This can cause pain in the buttocks and hips.

    Strong hamsters and lower back muscles are common symptoms for too long. Hamstrings are held in a short place while sitting in a chair. Pumps on fresh blood to muscle depend on the cycle of contract and relaxation; This rinses off toxins and swells. When the muscle is still long, it can become firm.

    The lower back muscles become tighter when they sit because of overuse. The muscles in the core – the lower back, the hip, the abdomen and the grid should work together to keep the back up and support the weight of the upper body. However, most people do not sit in the abdominal cavity and glutes are totally inactive. This strings the lower part of the muscle.

    Strong hamstrings and lower back muscles interfere with the activity of piriformis muscle. The body always tries to compensate for pain; tight muscles lead to a chain reaction of local and biochemical changes that are designed to take the burden of tight muscles. Unfortunately, this may cause the problem to spread. The piriformis muscle may become increased and inflammation due to lower back and density of hamstring.


    In order to alleviate pain, both tight muscles and weakness must be released. The definition of what muscles to exercise and to stretch is best performed by a physiotherapist who is skilled in detecting imbalances. However, if this option is not available to you, check these general instructions.

    Stretching hamstrings, lower back and piriformis are generally necessary. One of the best hamstrings involves placing the heel on the table or chair, bend the leg and bend until you find your hamster being right. Replace your feet and repeat.

    To stretch the lower part of the back muscles, lay flat on the back with arms outflow and feet straight. Move one foot up and toward the side of the body and let it fall towards the ground. With the other leg and shoulder flat on the ground, turn to your side against your feet. You should feel stretched in the lower back and hip. Replace sides and repeat.

    Large piriformis stretch can be made by lying on the back, turning left knee and putting right ankle in front of left knee. Pull your left thigh towards your chest until you feel stretched in your hip and back. Replace your feet and repeat.

    You may potentially use foam pads to release the piriformis muscle.


    Balancing the core muscles of the group and focusing on neglected gluteus muscles are key to an exercise plan designed to improve piperiformis syndrome. A simple habit of crunches and bridge exercises can be enough to round out the core, providing support for lower back muscles. Remember to keep the essence involved, and to change positions and stretch themselves often.

    A series of gluteus exercises can be viewed at .

    It is ideal to practice a training program with a trained physiotherapist, at least at first. This ensures that you are practicing the right biotechnology while exercising and not increasing the problem.

    Work and musculoskeletal pain can be resolved by stretching and adjusting. Consider using a foil or massage treatment to speed up your muscular position and make sure you are wearing the right one. It will be necessary to change the bad behaviors that cause the problem in the first place and your salary will be a painless core.

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    Nine wrinkle beating foods

    Proper diet can help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you do not want links to your face or skin, you should know what wrinkle to fight diet is good to eat. Here are nine examples.

    1. Spinach and other green vegetable vegetables are good because it contains lutein that helps to give the skin essential antioxidants by maintaining fluid and softness. Ideally you should eat about 10mg of this daily which is about 4oz of this vegetable.

    2. Beans are different because they are rich in antioxidants. Among different species, red beans are the best because it contains the highest number of antioxidants that help replace worsened collagen in the skin.

    3. Tomatoes are different because, like beans, they are antioxidants and also lycopene. A substance that reduces the risk of cancer and must be more powerful than vitamin E supplements that are used to help the skin to be healthy. The best thing about eating tomatoes is that you can eat it with pasta, salad or sandwich.

    4. Apart from vegetables, the turkey helps prevent wrinkles because it has a lot of vitamin B. It also has a protein that slows the process of the skin called cross-linking. So do not wait until Thanksgiving to add this to your diet.

    5. Goji berries are rich in Vitamin C that will help fight free radicals that damage the skin. Believe it or not, they contain 500 times more vitamin C per ounce than what you get from oranges. It also has antioxidants like vitamins B1, B2, B6 and E plus linoleic acid, the essential fat that plumps up the skin which makes it a little smoother and younger.

    6. Flaxseed is rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. You can mix this with other dishes like cakes and bread. The more you eat, plumper your skin cells to hide in those wrinkles.

    7. Red roast is another vegetable that can help prevent wrinkles as it is low in calories and high in fiber. It also contains antioxidants and pigments called anthocyanins known to support the production of collagen in the skin. You can cook this in a variety of ways like curried, boiled, roasted and chopped.

    8. Many of us see candy simply as a delightful snack or as a dessert. But few know that it contains polyphenol, a substance that obscures the body, the oxygen that causes aging. Not only that, it can also protect against UV damage which is also one of the causes of skin aging.

    9. Salmon, similar to linseed, contains Omega 3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation and help lubricate the skin.

    There is another example that we can eat alongside 9 examples mentioned to prevent wrinkles from occurring. You should consult your doctor or do some research on your own so you will know how to plan your diet.

    Apart from eating, do not forget to exercise regularly and drink a lot of water so that your skin is flexible and hydrated at all times. You should not drink or smoke as it also helps the skin to be young and wrinkled.

    There are wrinkles that beat food around. Know what they are and get them from the grocery store.

    Source by Carlos Montenegro

    Lower back pain: Signs, symptoms and causes

    Lower back pain can cause you a variety of symptoms such as burning sensation, bad work or sharp pain. You may also feel weakness in the legs or legs in your legs.

    What can cause pain in your back is that you could have done a lot of things improperly like standing, sitting, lifting or even sleeping. A simple movement like bending or achieving something can cause pain in the lower part of the back.

    Symptoms of pain change from person to person, stress level, physical activity, changes in weather and even time of day. The following are the most common symptoms of pain:

    – Difficulty standing or standing for a long time in one place
    – Nuisance Discomfort
    – Sleep Discomfort
    – Sleeplessness and Fatigue While Walking
    – Pain
    – Pain and stiffness of the lower back

    The lower back carries the weight and stress of the body. Pain in the back often comes from forced muscles and ligaments. It is due to improper lifting, turning or turning. Lower back pain can also cause muscle cramps. In many cases, you can not see the obvious cause of lower back pain.

    Lower back pain may also occur under the following restricted conditions:

    – erectile dysfunction occurs when the space around the spinal cord and nerve roots is similar to rheumatism and bone growth.

    – Herniated disc occurs when the disc tightens the nerve.

    – Anemia often occurs when a herniated disc involves a small intestine which causes severe pain through the buttocks and back of the leg.

    – Spondylosis type arthritis that affects the spinal cord and leads to significant pain in the back.

    – Spondylolithesis occurs when one spinal vertebral vertebra moves over another.

    – Spinal cancer, tumor on the spinal cord can tighten the nerve causing back pain.

    – Cauda Equina Syndrome is a neuropathy that causes tiredness, loss of appetite and loss of control of the bladder.

    – Injury refers to damage to the joints, muscles or bones.

    – Infection of spinal cord if fever improves back pain can cause infection.

    Other causes of back pain include smoking, poor physical and general fitness increase the risk of back pain problems.

    Source by Kevin Doherty