The story of the lunch. Eat your fruit. # #healthy #healthychoices #eatyourgreen …

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Heartburn and back pain – is it a connection?

Everyone experiences heartburn so often. We often eat too much, too fast, too greasy or too strong food, so suffering heartburn pain is often the natural consequence of our modern lifestyle. Heartburn is probably mentioned because literally feels like the heart is engulfed in fire. But, of course, everyone is unique so that symptoms can differ in each individual. For some it's just a slight inconvenience. In some others, it means burning, sharp pain that begins in the chest and goes up until it reaches the throat. Some people feel nauseous, others complain of pain in their back.

If heartburn and back pain occur, something serious is happening and you should seek medical attention.

Heartburn is caused by stomach acid that burns esophagus. As we eat, the food goes down into the stomach esophagus and should last until the digestive system. However, a valve called the nasal mucosa is to keep food in your stomach. Certain foods and how we interact with these foods cause the sphincter to relax, permits acid in the esophagus and irritates it. But there are many other health problems that can cause heartburn and some are very serious.

If you experience heartburn and back pain, this could be a sign of a possible heart attack. If the pain in the arms and chills on the body is accompanied by heartburn, contact 911 immediately. Even doctors can not easily diagnose heartburn from heartburn, so no one has to be surprised if it ends up being a false warning and you actually had too much fried shrimp.

Gallstones can also be another reason why you can find both heartburn and pastries. Antacids or watching your eating habits will not cure your problems. It is necessary to treat a trained professional.

Hiatal thoracic cavity also has heartburn as the main symptom. This is a condition where the diaphragm has a small hole in it and a small stomach passes through it. In people who work with heart disease, heartburn has last on the list of problems. They feel sharp chest and back pain. In most cases, inflammation of the heart is not serious, but if pain persists and is associated with fever, it may mean that a part of the stomach is stuck in the thoracic system and that the blood vessel is stopped. When this event occurs, the action is the only answer.

Often pregnant women suffer from heartburn and back pain. If you are pregnant, you know that these problems will pass soon. If you are a female and do not think you are pregnant, it might be a good idea to check.

If you have frequent and severe heartburn, you often spend the night sitting, standing, moving, turning and turning. If you wake up, you should not be surprised.

Many different health conditions can lead to heartburn and back pain, but they are not the cause of each other. However, they may be a warning signal for something serious or happening inside the body. The best thing to do if you experience heartburn and back pain is to call 911 as there may be a warning sign of a serious condition along the way. It could be all that is needed to preserve your life.

Source by Archille W Hebert IV

Treat depression with amino acid treatment

Treatment and cure depression with normal amino acids is the basis or pharmacokinetics. Large doses of natural proteins called amino acids can cause brain imbalance and repair of failure. These amino acids are affordable and are used in treatment doses much larger than those normally found in foods. The concept of antifungal treatment is based on the use of very high doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids or botanical extracts for cellular repair and increased brain normalization.

Can anyone try this treatment? It can be used on most people who have access to doctors specializing in the choice of drugs, skeletal and fungicides. There are several organizations that follow this technology in medicine and many of these doctors can be located through these organizations. The Pension Fund, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the World Health Organization, are examples of this type of organization.

Is this a cost effective way to treat heart disease? Immunosuppressants deal with many types of insurance, but natural supplements used in treatment are usually not covered. Amino acids are not very expensive and can be taken as a long-term treatment instead of a medicinal product. They have fewer side effects because they are natural proteins found in foods. Drugs are usually guaranteed with collateral. Lobby your local senators for alternative drug coverage and wellness coverage in your medicaid, Medicare and future national healthcare.

Can you imagine using this treatment best? Amino acid treatment is a wonderful option for use by adolescents. This is a healthy choice. Anti-depressant drugs have not been tested in children and adolescents. Most children do not require treatment for depression. They need lifestyle changes including more exercise and less refined foods in their diet. Elimination of carbonated beverages and high fructose will improve the mood of many children. In addition, yoga, dance, tennis, biking, bowling, swimming and gardening will help many children and young people fight against mild depression without drugs or amino acid therapy.

What are some amino acids tested in placebo patients to treat depression? These include GABA, teanine, tryptophan, 5-HTP and SAME. These amino acids will not be used in bulk. They can be introduced at a time to evaluate their impact. Additional amino acids may be obtained depending on the severity and symptoms of depression. It is very important to understand that depression is often another disease as a company of other diseases or diseases such as MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, diabetes, PTSD, trauma, fertility, menopause, pulmonary disease, autism, heart disease, addiction, neuropathy, absorption and cognitive diseases . Ask your doctor if your depression is the main or side effect.

Depression associated with addiction disorders may affect other parts of the brain, in front of the front of the motorway. It may take another type of amino acid to affect these nervous systems and establish new connections. The addict should also take alpha fatty acid. There are additional therapies that the drugs need to treat depression and addiction. Multivitamin or pharmacokinetics of multivitamin should be used every day. There are often increased brain problems that occur due to insufficient digestive enzymes or concomitant factors that the cells need to make ATP or energy. People with gastrointestinal problems should improve the diet of the gastrointestinal tract and avoid it from the drug. These medications can adversely affect memory or intellectual abilities.

How long should you take amino acid treatment? This may require an additional year for chemistry in the brain. It is difficult to predict how long it will take neurotransmitters to balance and your hormones will affect this condition. Hormone and neurotransmitter levels fluctuate and decrease from fourteen years and may decrease until the person is in the 1970s. As the level of serotonin and dopamine levels reaches a normal amount, it may be possible to reduce or eliminate amino acid treatment. Improving regular exercise into your daily life can allow you to stop amino acids faster. Adding vegetables, green tea or other foods rich in flavonoids can help your brain to cure faster.
© Dr R Stone, MD-India

Source by R Stone

There are many things about exercise and fitness So many of us alwa …

There is much talk about exercise and fitness. 🏋️♀️🏋️♂️
So many of us always tell us that we do not have to work out. Walking is enough.🏃♀️🏃♂️
Hell I told myself a million times. ⏰
But its reality is like the fire of mobility becomes harder. …………………….. It's no different than your skin said or gets wrinkles. Without any intervention you will need to get a little. ……………………..
Like Newtons Law States.
"Body running continues."
I'm proof of that. I was diagnosed with arthritis at the age of 35, I was at the stage of being barely able to walk, stairs and knee was not even a possibility. ……………………
My children as teenagers were allowing me to step down and down the road. It's nothing more horrible to have your teens help you get out of your bloody car
………………….. I felt like everything was invalid and could not stand the thought that they continued this way.
I finally reached me and moved me.🏃♀️ Do not you know that helped.
By moving me more and being on the right medication, I was back to my old course. Then I began to work better and never promised to go back there again.
No matter what we believe at the time. Movement is essential to stay independent and mobile. …………………..
So if you're looking for better, feel better and be healthier.
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Anti Aging Drugs – 3 reasons why they are not necessary and can be harmful

Anti-aging drugs are everywhere. We all want to look younger, so there is a high demand for any kind of product that claims to make you look younger.

Taking an aging device on the other hand is not something I can recommend based on the research I've done. Most of the aging devices out there do not work at all and some may even harm your health, especially in the long run.

Here are 3 quick reasons why you should never take anti-aging devices:

1. Scientific Indicators
When looking at a drug, first look at whether it is backed up by actual scientific data and I do not mean fraudulent research or clinical trials. You must study the study and see if it is serious because research can be done incorrectly and the results can be seriously skewed.

2. Risk
When taking medicine, you are at high risk because our bodies do not resemble drugs, so they are not good when they enter our body. The other thing with aging devices is that they are usually not tested for long-term effects. Therefore, so many pharmaceutical companies are already showing that they seem to be in a short period of time, but when you take them longer, you start to get a wound, depression and all sorts of things.

3. Price
Let's face it, drugs are expensive and who can afford a lot of them? The only people who benefit from are the pharmaceutical companies.

With all that you said, you may see that you may want to consider other options, sometimes something like natural skin care, that's what I use, and the results are very impressive.

It's all about choosing the right natural skincare product, because you need to know what ingredients you want there and what you do not want, it can literally mean the difference in looks and looks amazing.

Source by Rebecca S. Purple

Enjoy some cucumbers today! Dr. Kimberly Jean MD (See related life) …

Enjoy some cucumbers today!
Dr. Kimberly Jean MD
(See related life)

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