Can anti-aging be improved?

Long ago, the answer to this question would be no. Today, due to the advancement of anti-aging drugs, the answer to the question "Can you delay aging?" is yes, without ambiguity. The products and technology exist; They may postpone, postpone or even withdraw the consequences of a number of aging-related effects.

What is aging?

Aging is a complex process involving a variety of biological, psychological and social factors. The aging of humanity is a phenomenon of "polysystemic" which involves complex communication of biological systems and other realities (physical, psychological and social cultural). Aging adds a lot of "diversity" to things: genetic, cellular, neurological and hormonal.

What are signs of aging?

Respiratory Power: Breastfeeding decreases significantly with age, loss of lung elasticity and reduced respiratory tract strength. Lung function is impaired by increased residual strength and decrease in knowledge. Pulmonary artery blood flow decreases and pulmonary arterial pressure increases with age.

Blood control measures: risk of arterial hypertension and arterial increase increases with age. The heart pads will be less able to force large amounts of blood quickly into the body. We get tired faster and take longer to recover.

Locomotor activity: The bone mineral density decreases so the bones become less dense and more sensitive, which can lead to osteoporosis and osteoporosis. Joint movement becomes limited and flexibility decreases with age due to changes in the tendons and ligaments. Aging muscles characterized by sarcophenia, resulting in muscle mass loss and strength. Repeating the effort will be harder; Thus, it takes longer for muscle to respond.

Appearance: The skin begins to deteriorate leading to a pronounced line and marked wrinkles, lowering of the elastic bandage (collagen and Elastin) and cells retain less water and lose their density.

Can aging supplements accept aging?

Anti-aging drug is a prevention method that combines nutritional knowledge (additional stimulant additive), euthanasia (antioxidants, amino acids, coenzyme q10, multivitamins, minerals), hormone therapy (hormone treatment), physical activity and other cosmetics aimed at reducing risk on premature aging mental, physical and aesthetic

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