Qi Gong – Anti-Aging Natural Tool

Qi Gong is one of the most powerful instruments for being a young and nourishing longevity. How does it work?

Built Intensity and Completeness

Unlike traditional Western exercises, Qi Gong energizes the body's energy to utilize internal organs to promote health balance and prolong youthful looks.

For example, in the Chinese medicine system, spleen is said to rule the muscles of the body. Certain Qi Gong movements stimulate spleen organs and their related energy pathways. Thus, when one shows movements that target spleen, muscles become youthful, soft to support the skin and prevent winkles (especially on the face).

As it involves deep breath, more oxygen enters the circulation to help renew the internal organs of the cell.

Lastly, it is said that our vital energy or jing is responsible for youth and housing in the organs of the kidneys. The movement fosters the energy of the kidneys. Thus, many qi gong masters have a strong kidney and often appear untouched over time.

Creates Youth Disabilities

Scientists at the University of California in Irvine found that when qi was released by qi gong masters, more blood flow was seen in the brain.

Greater blood flow nourishes brain cells to prevent dementia and other intellectual and mental conditions related to aging. Thus, performing qi gong can help keep your mind and mind young and alive.

Prevents the condition that the body before

Qi Gong also contributes to the easing of relaxation. As a consequence, diseases that are affected by stress such as premature graying, high blood pressure and certain types of immune imbalance, are reduced in those who practice qi gong.

Managing and Solving Conditions As Age of the Body

The Qi Gong Cycle Cycle is particularly effective as a remedy for people who have cancer that play a major role in cellular and premature aging. At Stanford University, Dr. Arnold Tayam, Head of Teacher of the Qi Gong Program, uses a special shape of the ring to promote an increased state of relaxation and regeneration to facilitate more cure for cancer patients.

Close to the Spirit and Body

Qi Gong facilitates connection to higher power through meditation and physical activity.

David Felton, MD, a renowned immunologist who conducted studies at the University of California found out that the immune system was strengthened by mental habits.

Therefore, Qi Gong, as a spiritual exercise, can play a role in helping the integrity of the system balance to prevent situations such as rheumatoid arthritis often associated with aging, even though the infant is also formed.

Creates Youngsters

Qi Gong nourishes the bones in two ways. It strengthens the internal organs of the kidneys, which is said to regulate the bone in the Chinese medicine system. Therefore, a direct tendency to cure faster and more protection against degeneration and osteoporosis. Qi Gong also strengthens by creating motions that have repeated bone and phase reinforcement effects.

An example of a 74-year-old client who performed Qi Gong every day could cuddle her two weeks ahead of her ankle surgery because her bones were faster than a similar half-year-old, but did not perform qi gong.

In short, Qi Gong can help increase the status of adolescents and longevity by nourishing the internal organs, the musculoskeletal system and promoting greater mental and mental balance.

Source by Kay Hutchinson

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